We creates a platform to provide opportunities to the people around the world to utilize his/her fullest potential to achieve prosperous society.

System Medicom, Since its establishment in 1982, has put significant efforts to offer a rich "Technical Services" by its own experience and has developed advance system to equip to the rapid changes in multimedia and also to meet various communications.

We put lay emphasis on the adoption for all national orgins in these days in order to respond with globalization of the economic and decrease in population production of Japan.

It is our greatest pleasure to receive the words from our valuable customers that "Thank you" and "Thanks to you, It was great help"

To keep everyone of your valuable trust, we aim to do our best from now on without being afraid of a change.

System Medicom Co.,Ltd.
Hajime Sakura

Corporate Philosophy

  • Connect global talents to become one team to deliver an innovated solution to our customers.

  • Create a platform to provide opportunities to utilize his/her fullest potential to achieve prosperous society.

Company Profile

Company Name System Medicom Co.,Ltd.
Company Code 983852367 (Teikoku Data Bank)
Location Tokyo - 104-0032
Hatchobori Chuo–Ku, 3-11-8 Nichito Hatchobori Building 7F
TEL: 03-3206-0003
Establishment 11th June 1982 (Japanese era - Showa 57)
Capital Investment 30 million yen
President Hajime Sakura
Fiscal Month End of May
Number of Employees 82 (including group companies till date June 2020)
Group companies CSS Co.,Ltd.
SAKURA SYSTEMS Private Limited (Coimbatore INDIA)
Bank Mizhuo Bank (Minowa Branch)
MUFG Bank (Nihonbashi Branch, Nippori Branch)
Shiba shinkin Bank (Nihonbashi Branch)
Major customers
(As per higher order、Title not added)
Nissan Shatai Computer Services Co., Ltd.
Mizuho Information & Research Institute, Inc.
Glory Co., Ltd.
Hitachi Social Information Services, Ltd.
SCSK Co., Ltd.
SCSK System Management Co., Ltd.
JIEC TIS Co., Ltd.
TIS Co., Ltd.
TIS Solution Link Co., Ltd.
JFE Systems Co., Ltd.
NSP Co., Ltd.
i-System Co., Ltd.
IX Knowledge Inc.
DSB Information System Co., Ltd.
Transnet Co., Ltd.
REVOLVE SYS Corporation
KCC Corporation
NTT Software Corporation

Company History

June, 1982 Established in Koto Ku in Tokyo with 4 Million Yen
July, 1982 Started Computer entry operation Business
November, 1983 Started the System Development and Technical Support Services Business
June, 1984 Increased the capital to 7 Million Yen
October, 1986 Started to perform Sales related to System equipments
June, 1987 Moved our Head Office to Iwamoto-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
March, 1988 Increased the capital to 10 Million Yen
April, 1990 Started maintenance of OA Equipment Business
September, 1996 Moved our Head office to Taito- Ku, Tokyo
April, 2001 Started Outsourcing Business
May, 2001 Started CG Design planning. Production Business
December, 2002 Moved our Head office to Hatchabori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
January, 2006 Started Labor dispatch service Business
October, 2012 Capital increased to 20 Million yen
January, 2014 Capital increased to 30 Million yen
November, 2014 Started the part time staff assignment business (License No. Dispatch 13-305574)