Job Type

◆ System Admin Operator

  • Work based on operation procedure manual,Failure Correspondence,Inquiry Handling,Execution of process,Confirmation of execution status,Abnormality behaviour of machine,Monitoring work.
  • Open systems, Mainframe related production support management, operation activity.
  • Trouble support, Operation support, network monitoring in large client.

*We welcome people who has certification like ITIL etc.,

{Required Qualification}
Academic background is not mandatory. Person who has strong mind.

◆ Systems Engineer / Programmer

  • Requirement definition, High Level Design for Software in Finance, Communication, Manufacturing, Service domains.
  • Software development using object oriented programming language. (Java, C++, VB etc.,)
  • Database Design and implementation. (DB2, Oracle, Access etc.,)
  • Mainframe large scale system development (COBOL, PL) for Large Finance organization. (Bank, Insurance etc.,)

{Required Qualification}
Person who has experience in System Development,Open system and Web system.

◆ Network Engineer

  • Network / Server Construction,Design(Network Design, Router Setting)

*We welcome people who has certification like CCNA, MCP, LPIC etc.,

{Required Qualification}
Person who has experience in server design,construction,maintenance or operation.

◆ Bridge Engineer

  • Coordinate with Client and overseas outsourcing vendor in System development and operation support.

*We welcome people who has certification like JLPT N1/N2 and high score in TOEIC etc.,

{Required Qualification}
3 years or above real experience

Work Location Tokyo or its nearby location

Employment Type Full-time employees and fixed-term contract employees.(Both have probation period)

190,000 (Various other allowance will be paid separately)

Deciding according to experience,ability and skills.


2 days compulsory holidays.

Paid Leave (10 days in First Year, Maximum 40 days including carry over), Maternity leave, congratulation or condolence leave.

Salary hike Bonus Based on the regulations of our Company.
Welfare Benefits

Social Insurance (health insurance, employee’s pension insurance, employment insurance), health checkup. (once a year)

Qualification system. (Please contact the person in charge for details)

Utilize Recreation facilities. (Stay for one night per room for 3000 yen per night in Yugawara / discount available in nationwide XIV facilities)

Utilize Utilize Benefit One Co,.Ltd. (Welfare service provider)

Recruitment Process

We are accepting applications and Inquiry through E-Mail and Telephone.

Contact us: Telephone: 03-3206-0003 *9:30 - 17:30 (our company specific holidays)

Email: info@s-medicom.co.jp *We reject email related to advertisement, publicity and junk mails