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    System Development

    Our core operations involves communication centered on Financial business (Bank, Life Insurance, Securities),Manufacturing and other business. We support System Engineers who are able to perform preliminary examination to current analysis of the system and upstreams the requirement definition,basic design and detailed design,We also support programmers who are able to perform Development,Testing,Maintenance operation of those systems.

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    Technical Operations

    Based on operator procedure manual,operator services that includes Failure Correspondence,Providing solution to Inquiry,Confirmation of execution status of batch processes,Monitoring of system abnormalities etc are provided.

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    Infrastructure Services

    Procurement of computers to operate specific information system,Installation,wiring,software installation and other settings of network machines are provided to a wide variety of customers. With our Know-How methodology from the past experience we provide a wide range of efficient services in infrastructure business.

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    Global Operations

    We support Japanese and Indian bilingual bridge engineers to work with customers and coordinate with overseas outsourcing companies. We support engineers with high level of Japanese and English language ability to work directly with customers and performs system development,operation and maintenance work. In addition, to reduce development cost we have excellent engineers at our overseas bases. We provide quality improvement through bridge engineers.

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    We provide human resources to fulfill the needs of the clients by providing staffs for front office activities like Call Centers,Help desk and Sales support. We also provide staffs for back office activities like Documentation Filing,Telephone operations etc. With stable business quality our client will be able to focus on activities which directly contribute to the increase in value to their customers.

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    We can visualize the current state of IT business by diagnosing the system development and operation process. We design the best future vision by simplifying and automating the activities and assign right person to right job. We support in creation of appropriate transition process,strategize the plan and proper distribution of team to manage operations, and thereby speeding up outsourcing and breaking the barriers like language,location and culture.