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    System Development

    We undertake System Design, Development, Testing, Maintenance and Support, and develop the architecture of WAN LAN System especially in Finance (Life Insurance, Banking and Securities), Communication, Manufacturing and Services Sector. We can reduce development cost and improve System quality by our smooth coordination with overseas outsourcing vendor.

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    Development Center

    Smartphone, Java, .Net, Internet based on LAMP environment and Intranet Application development has been held at Chennai, India development center. Since support will be provided by our bridge engineers, there is no worry of communication. We undertake Homepage creation and maintenance work also.

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    Staffing Service

    We provide staffing services to fulfill the needs of the clients by providing staff for front office activities like Call Centers, Help desk, Sales support where it primarily depends on people ability and also provide staffs to back office activities like document filing, Telephone Answering etc. in HR and Admin departments. By making stability in the quality of these activities, our clients will be able to concentrate in activities which can directly contribute to increase the value to their customers.

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    Bridge Service

    Our Japanese and Indian Bilingual Resources as a Bridge Engineer will support by coordinate with Overseas Outsourcing companies. Professionals with highly skilled in Japanese and English will support the system development and system maintenance support directly from client’s location and clients will be freed from cumbersome translation and interpretation activities.

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    We can visualize the current state of IT business by diagnosing the system development and operation process. By simplification, we can make an appropriate design by atomizing the activities and assign right person to right job. We can support you by creating appropriate transition process, strategize the plan and proper distribution of team to manage operations, and thereby will speed up outsourcing and break the wall like language, location and culture.