Information Security Policy

System Medicom Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred as "This Company".) provide various services through information system to contribute to create a rich society and get the trust of the people including customer and various people involved in the rich active management.

All of those who involved in business in this company will get in to the compliance program related to information security, and hence could protect the information assets, maintain the confidentiality of information assets, and there by it is possible to secure and maintain the integrity and availability and meets the trust of society.




Management and all employees will comply with laws and regulations and other norms related to information security.


In this company, Information will be properly used only in the agreed range and the purpose will be clarified.


This company is following the information security management system to protect information system assets and in order to avoid incidents and accidents related to the information assets, such as the data leaked outside, data tampered etc.,


In this company continuously implement education and awareness on information security to all employees including the management.


Continuously improve the compliance program.

Establishment Date 1st March 2013
System Medicom Co.,Ltd.
President Sakura Hajime